About Faith Fleet Marketing

We are a team of dedicated professionals devoted to working with faith-based and nonprofit organizations to maximize their growth and success through innovative fleet marketing. Regardless of your organization's size, budget, or number of vehicles, we can tailor the right marketing program to meet your advertising needs and goals.

We take pride in upholding the integrity of your public image as well as your high standards and moral principles.

Drive Up Your Bottom Line

With Faith Fleet Marketing, your organization can create new marketing opportunities with resources you already have. Turning your fleet vehicles into mobile billboards, we help you generate more views per day for longer lengths of time for your advertisers or for your own promotion. This can lead to an increase in new sponsors, advertisers, and supporters.

In addition, your fleet can be used for evangelization, to raise awareness of your events and services, and to boost your subscriber base and reach more social media followers.

Faith Fleet Marketing can take your outreach efforts beyond static print advertising, augmenting your social media campaigns with vinyls that include QR codes to launch and share specific content and videos.

Hassle-free Solutions

Faith Fleet Marketing delivers eye-catching vinyl graphics that are easily applied and removed, and are designed to remain on vehicles for up to six months without damage. Furthermore, we guarantee our products, and should your vinyl becomes lost or damaged during a campaign, we will send you a free replacement. No questions asked.

hassle-free guarantee

Quick and Easy Process

Upload or email your organization's or client's artwork
Receive comps for approval or revisions.
Receive your vinyl graphics by your preferred shipping method.

Download installation instructions

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